Swollen nasal passages may cause different uncomfortable conditions which cause imbalance in your normal lifestyle. Believe that your life would be better without constant sore throat, stuffy nose, difficult breathing, bad breath, and coughing. All those states are caused by postnasal drip. And though, this health problem is not so serious, sometimes it needs medical interference and special treatment prescribed by the doctor.

The treatment of post nasal drip depends on the nature of the disease. Very often this condition is provoked by nasal infections and allergies. If the main cause of blocked nasal passages is allergy, you may try the following treatment methods.

So, how to stop post nasal drip at night:

  • Clean out your environment of different allergens;

It is known that such things as pollen, animal hair, dust, and mould may cause inflammation of your sinuses. To remove different allergens from the air it is recommended to use humidifiers which produce additional moisture. It helps to reduce the irritation of nasal passages. Secondly, clean your bedroom from flowerpots with plants that may produce pollen. If pillows, feather beds, and mattresses are not used in your environment, cover them with polyethylene film.

  • Check yourself for food allergy.

Separate persons are often allergic to dairy and wheat products. Allergens contained in dairy may cause throat problems and respiratory disorders. Wheat containing products sometimes cause gastrointestinal disorders. If dairy is a possible cause of postnasal drip, you should exclude milk products from your menu for one month and check if symptoms disappear.

Use OTC Medications

Other medicines which help to stop post nasal drip are various over-the-counter drugs. These include nasal sprays and oral medications. These medicines are effective in both cases including allergy and infection nature of the disease. It is known that in the process of sinuses inflammation, the mucus is produced in an abnormal quality and it is thick. The combination of two medications which are decongestants and expectorants was proved to be very effective treatment means against postnasal drip. For instance, an expectorant has the ability to thin the mucus, and decongestants cause the constriction of nasal cavity blood vessels and they have the ability to dry out the mucus.

One more simple method which helps to get rid of nasal cavities blockage is drinking a lot of water. Well hydrated body causes thinner secretions from your nasal cavities. Also a very efficient measure which helps to stop post nasal drip is saline irrigation of your nasal passages.

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